Dear Prospective Group Member,

We are always looking for new enthusiastic and ambitious researchers to join our team. We hire about two graduate students per year, in addition to hosting visiting students from abroad, and taking on undergraduate research students. Post doctoral researchers typically require their own funding. In my view experiemental research in soft and living matter and, more specifically, topics related to these systems at surfaces and interfaces are very exciting. Please take the time to explore our research web page in order to find out more about the scientific questions that fascinate us: there are many and they are broad.

There are a variety of projects available which span from discovery based fundamental science, to projects which are potentially relevant to industry and technology (for example through our spin-out company MesoMat). Some projects require the design of new new tools and equipment while other projects use instrumentation that is already available in the lab. 

My approach to supervising does vary depending on the needs of the individual. In general, I start each researcher with a well-defined project which has some clear goals. Due to my own experiences, I am convinced that a playful attitude towards the lab is the best way to discover new and interesting scientific questions. So, while the original project is typically fairly specific and focussed, I fully encourage exploring new avenues of research as they arise.

The research atmosphere in the group is intensive and the expectations are high, but we also have a lot of fun! Members of the group are required to work together and help contribute to a positive diverse research environment. I ensure that as a researcher in our group you will have the opportunity to take part in research that is truly innovative. You will also have the opportunity to present your work at international conferences such as the American Physical Society’s March Meeting and take part in workshops. These experiences will not only build the reputation of the group as a whole, but also enable you to establish your own reputation and career as a researcher.

If you are interested in working in our team, please contact me to discuss the possibilities and also feel free to contact any members of the group.